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Implement Safe Lead Paint and Asbestos Work Practices in The Painting Industry 

If you’re painting or decorating a property built prior to 1970, then chances are you may disturb paint containing lead, or asbestos sheeting. If not handled safely, these materials can be hazardous to humans and animals.

Professional management of lead and asbestos hazards is crucial. That’s why we offer the following course in lead and asbestos management. 


Online / maximum of 16 hours

  • Learners should allow between 4 and 8 hours to complete the theory assessment
  • Learners are required to allow between 4 and 8 hours to complete the practical assessment activities at Salisbury

Face to Face / 16 hours – 2 days face to face

  • 4-8 hours of learning
  • 4-8 hours to complete theory and practical assessment activities at Salisbury

Training and Assessment


Assessments consist of a range of interactive activities including:

Audio and visual response to scenarios
Written tests – short answer and multiple choice questions
The theory assessment is completed online prior to the learner attending our facility (or trainer going on site) to complete practical assessment tasks.

The system is self-marking and requires 100% satisfactory performance.


The practical assessment component for this unit of competency requires the learner demonstrate theoretical and practical application of knowledge and skills to plan, prepare for and conduct the removal of lead-based paint and containment of or disposal of toxic materials (including lead-based paint and asbestos substrates). Assessment will be conducted using simulation methods to minimise the exposure of learners to toxic substances in the training environment.

Fees and Funding

This unit of competency is funded under the Construction Skills Queensland Short Course program for eligible participants

The total cost of this short course is $520. Students eligible for funding under the CSQ Short Courses program will be required to pay a contribution fee of $135 toward the cost of this course.

CSQ Funding Eligibility and Information 


Implement safe lead and asbestos practices in the painting industry

This unit of competency supports the attainment of the understanding and skills to treat lead paint hazards, which may include working with others and as a member of a team.


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